When news broke that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East were no more and Lambert and Evan Felker from the Turnpike Troubadours were now a hot item I decided to write about it. Somehow, somewhere my words were taken as a Miranda Lambert hater. I have never taken a side when it comes to Team Blake or Team Miranda. It's a dumb idea to pick a side when I am not a fan of their personal life, I am a fan of their music. If you pick a side based on Nashville rumors, you're the one missing out on some amazing performances. I have heard so many people tell me that Miranda Lambert "lost it" when it comes to her concerts. Whoever told me this was probably on their phone the whole time during the concert. Miranda Lambert isn't just as good as I remember in concert, she's better! Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert teamed up for their "Bandwagon Tour" and they even brought The Pistol Annies along.

I wasn't prepared for the flood of emotions I would feel. Dallas was getting hit hard with an unexpected storm and thousands of people sat on the lawn in the pouring rain because they just new something spiritual was about to go down in the Dos Equis Pavilion. They were right. Little Big Town had everyone raising their drinks to "Pontoon" and screaming crying to "When Someone Stops Loving You". It got all too real when Miranda Lambert prepared to sing "Tin Man" she told 20,000 people that 2015 was a horrid year for her, but she coped with it the way she knew how, with music. Lambert made you feel her pain, her secret weapon is to play a song that will get you up and dancing right after she hits you in the feels. Miranda Lambert may have gone through a rough 2015, but let me tell you, her 2018 performance made her look like a Phoenix. The weather was a perfect excuse for thousands to leave, instead they danced and cheered in a lawn that quickly turned to mud. Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert reunited on the stage towards the end of the show and they sang "Girl Crush" as if the song was meant for all of them to sing it together, like complete bosses. So if you think Miranda Lambert "lost it", you need to get off your phone and watch the show next time you see her in concert.

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