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Shreveport's Terry Bradshaw has covered a lot of ground in the sports and entertainment world.  He was a football sensation as far back as the early 60's, when his reputation on the field would take him from Woodlawn High School to Louisiana Tech to his incredible career with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.  After winning 4 Super Bowls and armloads of other awards, he took off the helmet.  Since then, Terry has had even more success as a football analyst, film & TV star, and spokesman.

I guess that wasn't enough, because Mr. Bradshaw now wants to add country music superstar to his resume.  In true form, Terry laid out the inspiration for this country "hit" to Rolling Stone:

...I was on the phone in my office with Buddy Martin, a really great sportswriter I’ve known for 30-something years. And we were talking football, and Tammy’s in the kitchen and she hollers at me and says, 'Terry! I’m going quarantine crazy!' I said, 'Quarantine crazy? Hey, that’s a country song title.' I said, 'Buddy, I’ll call you back.'

Here is Terry Bradshaw's Quarantine Crazy:

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