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I haven't tested positive for COVID-19, nor do I have any symptoms, but two people in my group have tested positive within the last 16 hours and this girl is in quarantine. And for anyone who knows me, I can't stand feeling trapped!

So that picture above is of my home office for the week thanks to a knuckleheaded decision on my part. Thus far, I'm one of the few people I know that hasn't had COVID-19 yet. I'd like to say I've played it pretty safe, but like many, I've had a few lapses in judgment. But for the most part, I've been a hermit for the majority of this pandemic, working and hanging at the farm or with a small, select group of individuals.

But I blew that out of the water Saturday night. I just had to go to the 12th Night Mardi Gras celebration. And that's where I was exposed by not one, but two of my closest friends. One tested positive for COVID last night at home and the second saw her doctor this morning and tested positive. Keep in mind, both of these individuals have already recovered from COVID in the last two months. They thought they were safe, I did, too.


While I'm not exhibiting any symptoms, it's really too early to tell. However, I'm not about to be the jerk that goes to work with a question mark above my head regarding the status of my health. Not this Christmas, but the one before, I had to spend alone because of being quarantined because someone came to work sick and it was awful!

In short, if we hugged Saturday, I am so incredibly sorry if you get sick. I don't think I have it, but I was around others who clearly did and I apologize. I dearly love Mardi Gras and as soon as I'm through all of this, I'll be receiving my booster shot. It's just all so confusing! I mean, I read this morning that now the CDC says cloth masks don't work? And now we know that you can catch COVID multiple times in a short period of time. Who knew? I urge you to be careful and take care of yourself. Oh, and whatever you do, don't hug random DJs!

Here's a TikTok a friend shared with me this morning. Hopefully, we can laugh when this is all over!


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