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It's hard to believe, but in the same week we had "Snowpocalypse" also known as "The Blizzard of 2021", we are about to end deer season here in Area 2 of Northwest Louisiana. Well, it's the end for us regular firearms hunters. Archers and primitive weapons hunters still have a little while to go, but for the most part, the 2020-21 deer season is a wrap.

This means it's time to clean up all the things around the deer camp, and to close up up your deer stands for the off-season. And when I say "close" them, I'm literal with that. Any North Louisiana hunter who has ever left his stand open for the year only to show up in September when beginning to prepare for the new season and discovered that a flock of buzzards have moved in, given birth and God knows what else in there, know YOU DO NOT LEAVE THAT STAND OPEN.

Even if you have to board it up like the people in South Louisiana have to do their homes in advance of a hurricane, it's highly important to make that sucker buzzard free. From personal experience I can tell you this is a mistake you'll only make once.

Now, no matter how tightly you might think you've sealed that sucker, you're bound to get another unwanted tenant while you're gone. Wasps! Any North Louisiana hunter can tell you that one of the biggest hassles of preparing for the new season each year is battling all the wasps that moved in.

I had the same issue until I discovered this easy, FREE, home remedy. Just a plain, old brown paper grocery bag. Fill it with wadded up plastic bags or some old rags. Gather the top of it and either staple it or zip tie it in the stand, and you'll be totally wasp free when you return for the new season.

Just check out this video to see how easy it is.

North Louisiana Blizzard 2021

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