Reili Brewer of Avery, Texas is only 14-years-old and she has already accomplished something most deer hunters will only dream about.

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Still shot from Facebook video by Rickey Brewer II
Still shot from Facebook video by Rickey Brewer II

She killed the Turdy Point Buck! This teenage girl has just shot the monster buck of a lifetime which will likely become the record holder for a deer shot by a Texas youth!

In a story from the Fort Worth Star Telegram, we learned that Reili took this deer on Sunday, Oct. 29, on Red River Army Depot land near Texarkana. The massive buck is one she and her father had been hunting for years.

As you can see, her dad, Rickey Brewer, took to Facebook to give the scores of this massive buck with 31 points, 29 which were scoreable. A taxidermist gave this deer a Green Score of 238 1/8.

If the Official Score after drying for 60 days is anywhere near this, it will easily surpass the current Texas youth state record of 209 1/8 which was taken by a 9-year-old hunter in Madison County in 2018.

According to the story from the Star Telegram,

Reili saw her opportunity while her father was getting warm in his pickup truck, the family told KLTV. “I looked at my phone and saw I had three missed calls,” Rickey Brewer told the station. “I called her back and she was just screaming and crying, ‘I shot the big one.’”   The family told Texas Buck Registry the deer “walked out eating acorns” before Reili fired the deadly shot. “My scope was really foggy and I had to wipe it off without spooking him,” she told KLTV. “My nerves were shot but my dad’s words were with me. I just took a big breath and slowly squeezed the trigger.”

Who knew deer this size were roaming around the Army Depot?  If they didn't before, they certainly do now and I'm certain we'll see a huge increase in the number of orange vests on the place over the next few months!

Course, the biggest issue for Reili is, "How do you top this?"  I'm betting she has the dedication and persistence to find some way to do it!

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