I know just how exciting Christmas can be, especially for the kids, but for hairy legged men, especially here in the South, this is actually the most exciting time of the year!

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This Saturday, October 29, it's opening day of deer season here in Area 2 of Northwest Louisiana.

And yes ladies, I know that some of you deer hunt too, but for the most part, deer camps are the place where we guys get to be guys. We scratch what itches, eat what we want, and basically forget all the stuff you've spent all these years training us to come out of the cave.

While most guys will go to bed Friday night with visions of "big old bucks" dancing in their heads, it's truly the deer camp that most of us dream of!


Sure, there's no avid deer hunter that doesn't want a "wall hanger" to step into our shooting lane, but it's all the other stuff that happens at the deer camp that make the best memories.

It's about the dreams about the next hunt and the stories of those hunts that went wrong, that make the deer camp so special.

At the deer camp, there are basically no rules. However, there is a whole lot of judging. A guy gets the newest brand of expensive camouflage and all the other guys are secretly jealous, while outwardly they're saying something like, "I'm not big on this new stuff, I'll just stick with my old Mossy Oak."

One of my favorites is the way other guys judge the buck you just took. "Man, he would have been a good one next year." But that's what makes the deer camp so special. You better wear your big boy britches when you show up or you'll get your feelings hurt every time.

Course, there are a few things that cross the line and this should cover most all of them.

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