So...your son or daughter is having a birthday soon.  You have to have a party, right?  The neighbors had a great Pirate Party for their little boy, and you can't be outdone! Birthday parties for children are getting more elaborate and original everyday.  Sometimes a kids birthday party with a simple theme just isn't enough.  If you are one of those people who like to create kids' birthday parties that are special and unique, parties that your guests and children will remember forever, then these ideas from the Kiss Country Party Planning Team should help get you on your way to a most unforgettable birthday party!
Here's our five favorites:

Chuck E. Cheese's
2001 Airline Drive, Bossier City  (318) 742-4400

Chuck E. Cheese Parties

Here for 10 kids you get two hours of table space and tons of games.  Each kid gets 2 slices of pizza, 20 tokens, and an e-mail invite for about $100.00 and the birthday boy or girl gets star recognition in the birthday show.  Who wouldn’t want that?  They also have what they call “adult food” (like cake, ice cream and chicken wings) which is extra for your party package.  The really neat thing is, you can schedule, plan and pay for the party all online and after all…it IS where a kid can be a kid.

Jubilee Zoo
6402 Highway 1, Shreveport, LA 71107
Jubilee Zoo Birthday Party

Llamas and sheep and monkeys OH MY!  Here you can reserve the entire park for a half day for $650.00 or if you have fewer guests, reserve the picnic tables under the covered area with two medium pizzas, two 2 liter sodas, 10 plates and cups with 50 ride tokens and admission for up to 10 children and adults for $200.00.  The real treat is that they have petting zoo pals that are ideal for the younger set of children not wanting to have their party at the skating rink AGAIN this year.

Sci-Port Discovery Center
820 Clyde Fant Parkway, Shreveport  (318) 424-3466

SciPort Birthday Party

Four words.  Liquid. Nitrogen. Ice cream.  This place has TONS of things to do, and it’s educational to boot.  For the package fee, (140 for members, 170 for non) you get all day admission, 1.5 hours in your party area, themed activities, 12 cupcakes and lemonade, liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream, a party favor for each guest, and a gift certificate for the gift shop.  You can even add what they call “party upgrades” like pizza or an iMax film and even get add-ons from Counter Culture!  You can even download and print your invitations HERE.

718 Professional Drive North, Shreveport  (318) 798-3547
Acrosports Birthday Party

Kids start out in their massive gym with trampolines, foam pits and 2 story obstacle course.  40 minutes of gym activities, 20 minutes of adventure challenge, and 30 minutes for cake and ice cream.  Things are way more structured with gym staff leading the pack.  All you have to do is provide the cake, ice cream and kids and they provide the fun.  They set up and clean up too.  For 13-20 kids it’s $175.00 and way worth it.

Jumpin Jupiter
2695 E. Texas Street, Bossier City  (318) 549-3633

Jumpin' Jupiter Birthday Party

Jumpin Jupiter is an indoor inflatable obstacle coarse with bouncers and giant slides.  They have multiple party rooms, a great website, friendly staff, a clean environment AND they clean up the mess!  There’s also plenty of parking for all your guests and you can get away with a 20 kid party for around $275.00.  Only $225.00 if you have your party during the week!

Have you had a birthday party for one of your kids recently?  What did you do?  How did it go over?  With the kids?  With the other parents?  Would you recommend your idea to others?

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