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Sci-Port To Host Dog-Friendly Event
Man's best friend has lived in the night sky since the beginning of time, and now pooch loving stargazers will have a way to celebrate both of their favorite things thanks to Sci-Port.
Sci-Port Offers Ticketed July 4th Event For Fireworks Viewing
When you think about it, there is a lot of science behind a big fireworks display. I'm sure there's math and chemistry and physics and a lot of other sciencey stuff that keeps people from exploding.

So what better place is there to watch a gigantic fireworks display on July 4th than Sci-P…
Bodies Revealed – SciPort Shreveport [VIDEO]
Is it weird that I'm so excited about the Bodies Revealed exhibit? I think it might be a little weird, but I am very excited for this mobile anatomy and physiology lesson right here in Kiss Country! I mean, really, what science class or text book can teach you better than actual bodies? The are…