Anyone who travels understands that airports show almost every aspect of human nature. From the exciting moments of people reuniting with loved ones to stress causing people to yell at others and everything in between airports show many emotions everyday. Luckily in recent days more and more positive stories are coming out showing that there are amazing people out there in the world.

A Facebook Post from a traveler at LAX has gone viral about a mother and her toddler for all the right reasons! The pregnant mother was trying to get her toddler son to board a flight but he was having a tantrum and refused to do so. After fighting with him the mother finally gave up and sobbed as she sat next to her son still throwing a tantrum... That's when others stepped in to help! According to the Facebook Post one woman "sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to the little boy... one woman had an orange that she peeled, one woman had a little toy in her bag that she let the toddler play with, another woman gave the mom a bottle of water." Soon after the mother was able to get her son and her things on the plane without further issue.

On another flight a few months back which the video has since surfaced showing more people stepping into help a mother in need. The mother was on a flight with a baby who was having a hard to falling asleep so the guys around her on the flight started to sing the baby to sleep.

There are bad people in the world but luckily they're far outnumbered by amazing people like these who just want to make the world a better place!

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