The term "Adulting," is defined thusly by The practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.  Why folks are having an issue with it is a mystery to me, but the knowledge gap when it comes to balancing a checkbook, washing your clothes, and other normal grown-up stuff is real.  The amount of young adults who know SEO optimization like the back of their hand, but view tax forms like a lost Incan dialect is astounding.

Because of this phenomenon, Bossier Parish Library and Remington College are offering a series of classes called "Adulting 101."  The classes cover a wide range of subjects that teach some recently forgotten disciplines necessary to survive day-to-day life.  Classes like "Personal Finance," of "How to be a Responsible voter," lay out how to do things previous generations were taught in school.

The latest class is set for tonight at Remington College, on Burt Kouns in Shreveport.  The lesson tonight is on workforce readiness.  The free class will help those who attend learn how to put together an effective resume, job interview skills, how to apply for jobs, and how your social media presence can affect your job prospects.  Find out more here.

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