All the flowers, balloons, sweets and Valentine's Day cards are on display and ready for you to pick up and make your significant others day. Are you convinced you're a lone ranger come Valentine's Day? Chances are your dog is sitting there looking at you wondering where their sweet treat is. While your dog isn't thrilled about reading a sweet card maybe consider dropping by the pet store and bringing a bone, a treat, or an annoying squeaky toy home for the loyal Valentine. Here are 4 signs that your dog is most definitely your Valentine this year.

1. Your dog greets you at the door. If your dog could, chances are you'd be greeted with dinner and a tennis ball, talk about hospitality. Unfortunately you'll have to settle for getting home and seeing that something got into the trash again. No names, we are not here to judge, just here to love.

2. Your dog loves everything about you. From your walking routes to the smell of your socks. Your dog is and will always be your number one fan.

3. Your dog won't complain about you not spending enough money on them. Seriously. If you show up with a ball they'll love you just the same. They aren't worried about a price tag or how much you did or didn't spend, they're just trying to get that quality time with you.

4. They have the same plans as you on Valentine's day. That show you're obsessed with, yup they are there too. When Netflix asks "Are you still there?" because you're 4 episodes in, both you and your dog can be equally offended that Netflix would ask that. Of course you're still there. Where else would you be on Valentine's Day?

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