Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday night this year which is not a bad night for dining out. If you are thinking about planning a romantic night out in Shreveport with your sweetheart, you might get started now making those plans. Of course, your loved one will want to spend some special time with you, but you can also score points for the lady in your life with a special gift you present to her at diner.  

It's is the second biggest day for dining out behind Mother's Day as more and more love birds enjoy a night out for a romantic dinner.

If you want to land a table at one of Shreveport Bossier's most romantic spots, you might want to get moving on making those reservations. Several of the popular local spots are already fully booked considering the limited seating available this year.

How to Help Others on Valentine's Day

You might also want to start a new tradition this year. The children being treated at St. Jude's Children's Hospital in Memphis will spend this special day facing some frightening weeks and months ahead. You can get details here on how you can brighten the faces of these youngsters.

If you are ready to celebrate with a current loved one, you might want to get started now to plan your special night. But if you are still a little steamed by someone from the past, you might check to see if this will happen again. Last year, a local police department created a special event for Valentine's Day for folks who wanted to get a little revenge on an ex.

Great Places in Shreveport Area for a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner

For some of these great restaurants, you might be too late to get a reservation for Valentine's Day, but you might still find some spots open.


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