Back in 2013 Casey Charf of Nebraska had about the worst week anyone could imagine! The now 20 year old was in a bad accident where she broke her back and neck in several locations and while in the hospital she learned that the had cancerous tumors on her spine.

Her story was picked up by local news stations and went viral via social media where she was able to raise around $50,000 via GoFundMe and had doctors reach out across the country that continue to work with her. Unfortunately despite the fact that she shows no signs and the cancer hasn't spread it is still there. She's traveled to hospitals to see doctors in Louisiana and Maryland for the past two years and plans to continue until she's beat cancer.

Casey told KETV that now of the $50,000 the IRS wants $15,457 in back taxes and $3,676 in penalties which in total the Charfs will owe the IRS $19,133 by April 29th.

However Tax experts say she shouldn't own anything at all being that the donations are a gift which should have no tax consequences. This issue comes with GoFundMe which pays clients via a 3rd party site that reports any payouts over $20,000 with a 1099 to the IRS.

Casey is appealing the claim from the IRS and says she will continue to kick cancers butt!

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