We loved seeing so many of you post photos of your beloved fur children. Right before Christmas many folks are scrambling to find the perfect fur member to add to their family. Unfortunately many people unknowingly support puppy mills. Puppy Mills or backyard breeders need to be stopped. How do we make sure such an unjust common practice comes to an end? We adopt, and don't shop. This Christmas please consider adopting an animal from a local shelter. If you want a certain breed you can always research rescue groups!

When we had asked our friends to post pictures of their rescues we did not expect so many photos, luckily Robin the Intern stepped in and decided we needed to make a video. Every single animal that we showcase in this video has a story, and thanks to you, the rescuer, this sweet dog or cat will have a great ending to a sad beginning. Here are 108 reasons (pictures) why rescuing a shelter pet matters. Save a life this Christmas season!

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