I love events where you get to check out a very well known attraction, at a time that they don't usually allow the public.  Luckily zoos, amusement parks, and movie theaters have these type of events on occasion.  Case in point, the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville Pennsylvania recently held an event called "Brew at the Zoo."  This event is held in one form or another all over the country.  It's a great way for an organization to recruit new members and bolster attendance.  They are lots of fun, and usually include entertainment like a musician, dj, etc.

According to Pennlive, Brew at the Zoo had a different kind of excitement for this past Saturday's event that surprised everyone, even organizers.  Life long Lehigh Valley Zoo resident, Shishka the 18-year-old bobcat, decided it wasn't fair for the humans to greedily drink up all the delicious beer and exclude her.  She made a hole in her enclosure and escaped during the party prompting all of the 2-legged attendees to flee in a panic.

Fortunately, it only took zoo professionals about 90 minutes to round her up and return her to the enclosure from whence she came.  No tranquilizers were used in the process, but several beers were spilled.

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