Cute Tooting Baby Elephant, Yes Tooting [VIDEO]
Maybe its because I'm a new mom, but this baby elephant's toot is so cute! Yes, a cute toot. I never thought I would ever, ever, ever say there was such a thing as a cute toot--until I became a momma. My 7 month old has some pretty cute toots and burps ( I cannot believe I just admitted th…
Naked Republican Girls In A Pool [VIDEO]
This is one of those risque videos that may shock you. I weighed the risks and benefits of sharing this video with you prior to taking the chance that you will understand once you have viewed the footage. Here goes nothing. . .
Cute Baby Elephant Playing In Dirt [VIDEO]
I don't know exactly why, but show me a cute creature video and it will stop me in my tracks. And this baby elephant is a perfect example. I never knew elephants liked dirt so much. Check out this baby from the Toledo Zoo.