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When it comes to snakes, you would think that Louisiana had its fill.  Sure, we've got water moccasins spilling out of every body of water there is and, yes - we've got plenty of rattlesnakes and cotton-mouths for the dry parts, too.  That being said, some scientists and zoologists from around the country don't think that's enough!

According to the Cleburne Times Review, zoologists and wildlife officials have been dumping more snakes into our forests in an effort to increase their population numbers in the wild!  Officials and herpetologists (biologists that specialize in snakes) from the Memphis Zoo, in conjunction with their cohorts at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and zoos in Fort Worth, Texas, and Alexandria, Louisiana are worried that the number of native Louisiana Pine Snakes is dangerously low.

To bolster the population of this endangered creepy-crawly, these reptile specialists have released 50, juvenile specimens in Kisatchie National Forest.  This gigantic wilderness just south-west of Alexandria is perfect for these Pine Snakes, but don't worry about watching out for yet-another think that will leave a nasty bite - they are non-venomous constrictors that just love pocket gophers.   Accordingly, scientists released the snakes in suspected gopher burrows - which should work out for everyone (except the gophers).

The hope is that by re-introducing these snakes to their native habitat they will reproduce and repopulate the area with tons of little baby snakes - yay!  Take this as a reminder to watch where you step in the forests of Louisiana this spring and summer!


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