It's a Scary Time to be a Restaurant Owner.

One of the craziest comments I hear from people "I would love to own a restaurant" and "I bet you I could make so much money owning a restaurant". Let me stop you right there. The restaurant business is the most unforgiving the most cutthroat, and somehow the most rewarding industry out there. It's more than having a stellar chef on board, it's all about hospitality.

Erin McCarty and Canva
Erin McCarty and Canva

Shreveport-Bossier Is Losing Restaurants at an Alarming Rate.

It seems like every week we see another restaurant announce they are closing. It's truly heartbreaking.

If You Have Ever Worked in the Restaurant Industry You Know That It Will Chew You Up and Spit You Out.

Rude customers? Sorry, you need to keep that smile on your face. Did the kitchen mess up 1 order out of 100 orders? You'll be the one that needs to go tell a hangry patron that their food is on the way. There is no better feeling than perfectly pairing a wine or cocktail with a house specialty. Or seeing someone's eyes light up when they try their new favorite dish. I believe that those experiences make it all worth it. The restaurant business truly is a labor of love. The hope is, that your community loves you right back.

The Restaurant Failure Rate is at a SHocking 60% In the First Year.

What is really sad is that 80% of restaurants don't make it past year 4. According to the food costs are crippling restaurants all over America.

PLEASE, Quit Bashing Local Restaurants When One Little Thing Goes Wrong.

Try speaking to the owner, and don't do it expecting a freebie or a handout. If you complain demanding something for free you're the worst kind of customer. Yes, I said what I said. Instead of bashing a restaurant online for a bad experience give them another try. We all have bad days. Have a great experience somewhere or an amazing server? Cheer them on your social media and tell everyone. Be a cheerleader for local families investing in our community.

318 Restaurant Week VIA Facebook
318 Restaurant Week VIA Facebook

How Can You Loudly Support Some Local Restaurants? Jump in on 318 Restaurant Week.

There are several 318 Restaurant Week Dining Experiences you can pick from. I personally am going to see Chef Blake Jackson bring the heat. If you love spice and peppers this is the one you want to attend.

I took a sneak peek at the menu check it out below:

Aji Amarillo Watermelon & Tuna Poke

Red & Yellow Limo Harissa Roasted Carrots & Whipped Goat Cheese, Pistachio & Mint

Smashville BirdsEye Hot Chicken Fried Steak Sando & Tarragon Ranch

Dark Chocolate Reaper Boudino & Rosemary Orange Ice Cream

There are several restaurants that you can get out and support. 318 Restaurant Week should be something we celebrate every single day in our community. It takes a supportive community to make an amazing community.

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