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Thursday, May 28th is National Hamburger Day and we want to know, where should we be planning to have lunch, dinner, and maybe even breakfast to celebrate?

I'm not going to lie, I like a good burger. It doesn't matter if it's plain or loaded up with everything from a fried egg to avocado slices, I'm in. With that being said, no one does food like we do in Louisiana, so we asked, who has the best burger around? Y'all blew us up! Our social media, request lines, and messages through our app were flooded!

Here are a few of the best burger suggestions we got while we were on air this morning:
Peaches Porch in Springhill
The Chevron in Stonewall
Jucys Hamburgers in Marshall, TX
Drift Inn Landing on Caddo Lake in Mooringsport
Bailey's Sandwich Shop in Coushatta
Jim Bowie in Washington, AR
Reynold's Grocery in Bellevue/Haughton
Twisted Root on Line Avenue
Fumblebrewski on North Market
The old Shortstop chain of restaurants
Daq's on Old Minden Road
Papa and Company on E. Washington

We also got some great suggestions that hadn't already been mentioned through the app including:
The Port Grill on Youree Drive
McCoy's Butcher Block in Stonewall
Maxwell's Market on Line Avenue
Dorothy's Diner in Sarepta

Of course, I have to add a few of my favorites like Grub Burger on E. 70th and the old Teddy Bear Den that used to be on Barksdale Boulevard. Plus, I won't lie, I'm a sucker for a Sourdough Jack at Jack in the Box and pretty much any burger at Whataburger! However, my ultimate favorite locally is Papa and Company on E. Washington.

Some of the big picks on social media included Papa and Company in Shreveport as well as Reynolds Grocery in the Haughton/Bellevue area. Superior's Grill was also mentioned several times as well as Walk-ons Bistreaux and Bar. Jeff Leon says he's passionate about his burgers and that the best in town can be found at The Blind Tiger. Plus, who knew you could get a burger at 2Johns?!?!? Take a gander at the list and make sure to tell us who you think has the best burger around... and even better, celebrate National Hamburger Day with us tomorrow for all three meals... and maybe even fourth meal:)

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