I am a food fan. I love to cook even though I don't do it very well. I love to eat. That is a task in which I am quite accomplished. I also have strange hours that have me waking up before the crack of dawn so sleep is very important to me too.

For many of us the evening meal, we call it supper where I live, takes place around 6 PM. For those of you who live in the " normal  world " this gives you several hours between the final meal of the day and bedtime. For me suppertime and bedtime come very close together. According to the Food Network that could be affecting my sleep. It might affect yours. Let's take a look at some food faves that shouldn't be eaten before you hit the hay.


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    This doesn't make sense, wine usually makes people fall asleep faster than professional golf on television does. The fact is that wine will make you sleep. It will also interrupt your normal sleep pattern. That's why it's not such a good thing right before bed. It might be a good idea your evening meal but only if you don't plan on driving.

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    Orange Juice

    We know it's part of a balanced breakfast. It's full of vitamin C too. Why would O.J. be bad for us at bedtime? It has to do with the citric acid in the juice. While this might be a great healthy, but quite sugary, thirst quencher you could regret your decision in the middle of the night. If you  have acid reflux you know how bad this stuff can burn. Save the O.J. for the morning.

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    Well that explains my lack of sleep during my college days. At least that's what I'd like my Mom to believe. It turns out the acid in the tomato sauce can kick up the acid reflux just like orange juice. There are also studies that indicate cheese before bed time can cause you to have nightmares. Those bad dreams are usually about you being overly fat the next morning.

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    Alright this is really starting to be unfair. If I had a dollar for every burger I've wolfed down before passing out, er going to sleep. I would have no need to play the Powerball game. What's bad about the burger is the fat content of the beef makes your digestive tract work overtime. That can lead to a rather groggy race to the restroom to avoid a disaster that would be very hard to explain if you don't sleep alone. Chances are you will be sleeping alone if that accident happens.

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    ARENA Creative, ThinkStock

    Sugary Cereal

    No Cap'n Cruch? No Lucky Charms? Well this just rips apart a basic part of the fiber of American  life if you ask me. Cereal at night has been a go to snack since I was a kid. It's easy to make. It's fun to eat. You can read the back of the box to help you get sleepy. However,  it's all that sugar that's going to keep your  motor running when you want to be powering down.

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