5 Foods You Shouldn't Eat At Bedtime
What food has been shown to cause nightmares? Another food could lead to a bedtime incident that none of us want to talk about. Chances are you've eaten all of these foods at bedtime and you really shouldn't
Tornado Done Stole My Hamburger!
I think with all the terrible news from the devastating storms that have hit the south, we could all use a bit of a laugh. Check out this guy who I am sure is just happy to be alive but I can't help but get tickled at the loss of his happy meal.
I’m Betting Wendy’s and McDonalds Are Safe
A young Texas woman decided there is no such thing as bad publicity, so she’s named her hamburger place in Waco, Texas “Fat Ho Burger”. Lakisha Evans’ plan seems to be working so far. Evans, 23, grew up in Waco with her mother and five sibl…