Friday night I joined my best friend Li'l Bobby for drinks. We met up at Silverstar Cantina and had a couple of drinks when the question came up, "Where should we go next?" A friend of ours was playing pool at a bar called Bears. I had heard of the place but I had never actually gone. We made the trek and showed up at a bar that looked like something out of a sitcom. As soon as you walk up you will be instructed to walk through the side door. Pretty sure everyone in this bar knows each other. My friend and I were the exceptions. After a few minutes, we recognized some familiar faces and I felt a sense of relief when I saw my friend emerge from the billiards area. After a couple of drinks, I saw several people I recognized from around town. Before I knew it I was having the best time ever. (Maybe it was the adult beverages)

I can't believe it took me this long to discover a bar for myself. I kept hearing about this bar from multiple people, I'm bummed it took me so long to visit this local bar. What is your favorite go-to place to enjoy drinks with friends?

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