Bars are shut down again so I can't drop by and get a delicious cocktail and hang out. Even if I could go to a bar on a weekday night, I don't want to go alone and be left with the worry of driving home after drinking one too many cocktails. I have fallen in love with drinking at home lately.

I am pretty sure my body won't let me drink another beer. I realize my alcohol intake may have shot up a little bit, okay it jumped up quite a bit since COVID-19 swept through the world. I have become reliant on an adult beverage just about every weeknight. I have had a longstanding date night with my friend where we pick a romantic comedy from Netflix and watch it at the same time from several miles away and discuss the movie through Snapchat. Hey, it's drinks and quality time with friends as far as I am concerned.

What could really make my nights amazing is a delicious cocktail paired with my RomCom. However, I am not all about settling in for a movie then having to go to the store just to be able to have an Old Fashioned. Surely there's a drink I can make using ingredients in my home and all the liquors on my bar cart.

Luckily there is a website that solves every problem ever. The website helps you make a drink using only what you have readily available. It will start off asking you what ingredients you have then you pick the liquor that you have available. Drinks that you would never think to make pop up. I was surprised to find out I had everything to make a grapefruit ranch water. Thank you for making my night of drinking easier.


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