Keurig has virtually reinvented the coffee at home experience.  Sure, environmentalists are angry at the amount of k-cups that we throw away (roughly 9 billion to date), but you have to admit - their coffee maker does make some pretty delicious and quick coffee.  The company that brought you a million different varieties of coffee in an instant just purchased another huge liquid refreshment conglomerate, and is now gearing up to offer you even more choices when it comes to hot and cold drinks at home and abroad.  Kuerig just bought the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

Will you be able to brew your own Dr. Pepper?  Will hyper-caffeinated Snapple drinks be available in convenience stores?  We don't know the full scope of drink related effects to come, but we do know a few things.  The new company will be called "Keurig Dr Pepper," they will use the Dr. Pepper distribution network to get new Keurig branded cold coffee into the same stores where you buy Dr. Pepper!

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