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The topic of your personal '15 minutes of fame' has been trending on Reddit. We want to know about your time in the spotlight!

Some of the answers are hilarious! Lyok said he won a game of volleyball solo against eight other people. If I'm being honest here, I would be one of the eight and I'd be the weakest link! TrexDyno said, 'I was on Season Two, Episode One of Friday Night Fights.' I know I've never been on a TV show, so that's big!

Some of the other Reddit stories include things like appearing on the news because you fell down a ravine, being in the background of a movie scene, and having the entire neighborhood show up at your house when they saw an ambulance there because you got stuck in the washing machine during a competitive game of hide and seek!

I can't say I've really ever had '15 minutes of fame,' unless you count me and my sorority sisters showing up in the background of two separate news stories about spring break on both 20/20 and Inside Edition. My parents were so proud!

Kim Hollenback said, 'I think the coolest thing my husband and I have done was when we were both aircraft maintenance officers at Seymour Johnson AFB in NC. The base launched F-15Es for the Presidential funeral flyovers for Reagan and Ford. Just being part of the team responsible for that is something I'm proud of. In order to ensure that 21 jets reached each flyover, approximately 40 jets started engines and 30 actually took a few KC-135s from the Reserve wing at SJ to refuel the jets as they flew to DC & MI. For President Reagan's funeral, the weather was gorgeous in DC but we launched the jets in the middle of a tstorm in NC, when no one should have been on the flight line due to lightning within 5 nautical miles. For Pres. Ford's flyover in Grand Rapids, the funeral service went longer than scheduled so our jets flew circles over MI, waiting for the sunset flyover at the gravesite. They were just minutes from having to cancel the flyover due to fuel shortages. I think about 9 jets actually landed at Selfridge ANGB in MI for the night, not having enough fuel to fly back to NC.' All I can say is WOW! Just being a part of that moment had to have been special!

Sharron Reeves Strawn said her 15 minutes of fame came from being a cover girl! Quote, '(I was a) Cover girl for Shreveport Magazine. It was on the press at Mid-South Printing during their Christmas party and several people asked me for my autograph. Lol. My husband has a framed copy at his office, but I did not know him then.' Honestly, no surprise here! Sharron is a gorgeous woman!

Have you experienced '15 minutes of fame' or are you still waiting for your moment? We'd love to hear about it! Check out some of our other stories from here in Shreveport-Bossier below and make sure to give me a follow!

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