I am excited to go back home for a weekend! I find myself missing the food back home more than anything. I have 3 stops that I HAVE to make when I am home. Taco Truck, Cafe Bravo, and Cindy's Breakfast place. There just is not anything close to is anywhere. I HAVE to get my fix when I am home no discussion about it. Isn't it horrid that besides family I am just focused on where we will eat while we are hanging out? I have 48 hours in my hometown and I am determined to get my food fix and be good for another year or maybe until it's time for my 10 year High School reunion.

It got me thinking, now that I call the Ark-La-Tex home if I ever moved away, what would I miss most about this place? What restaurant has food like nowhere else in the country? What place would break your heart if they went away? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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