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The Shreveport Police Department is making a concerted effort to remove illegally owned guns from the streets of Shreveport.  In fact, in 2022, the department has confiscated over 1200 illegally owned weapons off the streets of Shreveport. Corporal Chris Bordelon told KEEL News on Monday, that the department has removed over 300 weapons since the beginning of this year.  Which is on pace to match last year's figures.

But what happens to all of those weapons after they have been processed?  KEEL News found out a couple weeks ago at the North Shreveport Business Association meeting during Shreveport Police Chief Wayne Smith's presentation.

The Shreveport Police Department prepared a video that explains what happens to the weapons after they are processed, and are no longer needed because the case of that particular weapon has been adjudicated.  Police Chief Wayne Smith explained:

"Once the weapons are seized, and the courts adjudicates the case, in many cases, the courts issue an "Order of Destruction."  Those weapons end up right here at our location and make their way to our "Gun Muncher."  The Gun Muncher takes weapons and cuts them up into small pieces.  They go into a box, and then are eventually turned into scrap metal."

Chief Smith continued:

Those are weapons that will never have the opportunity to reach our streets again to cause any kind of harm to our community.

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