I am now officially addicted to the TikTok app and the latest craze, 'Walk a Mile in these Louis Vuittons' has got me in stitches! If you're not familiar with the platform, it hosts short-form mobile videos made by real people. After being sucked in for an hour watching these tiny masterpieces, I caught myself wondering who has time to put all this work in??? Then I realized I had just wasted an hour watching them:)

By the way, if you download the app, first of all, it's free. However, don't blame me. Blame my buddy, Matt! TikTok is dangerous!

Now, this is some redneck ish!


If you ain’t croccin you ain’t rockin. Don’t worry, no beer wasted to make this video #fyp #foryoupage #foryou lumberjackob56

♬ Work Iggy Azalea - lab_shenanigans

There's no way this ends badly, right?


You guys (literally) asked for this 😂 #comedy #fyp #wtbdijw

♬ original sound - kisonkee

Lotion?!?! Seriously? That's going to leave a mark!


My floors super clean now #fyp #fypchallenge #foryourpage #louisvuitton

♬ Work Iggy Azalea - lab_shenanigans

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