Kissing cousins? REJOICE! According to science it is okay to go ahead and tie the knot with your favorite first cousin. According to 23andMe 1st cousins share 12.5% DNA, the percentage drops down dramatically when it comes to 2nd cousins. 2nd cousins only share 3.13% of DNA. So what does this mean for you if you're in love with your first cousin? Basically it's okay to reproduce with your first cousin because genetically, it isn’t really any different from reproducing with a random distant relative.

If you're thinking these scientists studied hundreds of individuals, think again. Try 13 Million! According to the research project published by Science Magazine "After extensive cleaning and validation, we obtained population-scale family trees, including a single pedigree of 13 million individuals. We leveraged the data to partition the genetic architecture of longevity by inspecting millions of relative pairs and to provide insights into the geographical dispersion of families." So since we are all basically already related, who cares right? Almost half the states ban marriage in between first cousins, can this study change laws? Several doctors are giving the okay to marry your cousin, the question remains, is this socially acceptable yet?


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