Truth Tullis is the kind of lady that everyone should have in their life. She demonstrates daily that the needs of others are way more important than her own. She's the kind of woman who would drop everything to take care of whatever crisis might arise in your life. And apparently, she even does that for perfect strangers. I just wonder where she hides her angel wings.

We found out about Truth from Misti Gorum who nominated her for the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award. And it was Misti's letter that made it easy to see that Truth was the absolute perfect person to highlight as this week's Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award recipient.

I would like to nominate Truth Tullis from Blanchard to be "Caught In The Act" this girl is very precious and dear to me. I met her about 10 years ago and I am so thankful and blessed God brought her in my life and I get to call her my friend. Truth goes above and beyond when helping friends and family. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and positive in everything she does. There is not a moment goes by that she is not helping or doing for the kids at church whether its Mission Friends or vacation bible school. She puts a 150% in all that she does. Several summers ago our Sunday school decided to go out and help with our elders, single moms,or whoever was in need for yard work or just have someone sit and chat, well this was not Truth's specialty, but she went and met a sweet women who is now very much apart of her life as well her kids. When this lady calls Truth is on whatever task is needed cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, or just a visit. Truth is the real deal of being a selfless person and always has others needs before hers!


Truth Tullis, thank you for being one of the biggest reasons why this is the greatest place in America to live!

And because you've been "Caught in the Act" the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you and the family to come have dinner on them!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Truth to let her know that she was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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