In a perfect world, most teens would be living their life preparing for the upcoming standardized tests and complaining about what was on the school cafeteria menu.

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Obviously, we don't live in that "perfect world." While those kids might be having a tough time trying to squeeze in extracurricular activities like band, cheerleading or sports, there are some kids who might not even know where they are or where their next meal might come from.

The Exploitation Of Children Is of Epidemic Proportions

There are those children who have been traded or sold like livestock and being forced into doing ungodly things just to stay alive.


The issue is certainly of national concern and we certainly aren't immune to it here in the Bayou State.  According to we have 21 Louisiana children who are still missing since January 1, 2023.

3 Louisiana Kids Have Already Been Reported Missing In 2024

And three of those babies have been reported missing in just the last few weeks since January 1, 2024.

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Some might argue, correctly, that some of these kids intentionally ran away, but the fact remains that trafficking and other evil intentions are the root for a vast majority of these missing children.

Please take a close look at these three innocent faces and if you happen to recognize one, immediately call 911 and report it.  You never know how great the impact of your call might make to a child being held against their will.

Pics Of The Three Louisiana Children Reported Missing So Far in 2024

According to the website,, so far in 2024, another 3 children have been reported missing. Please look at their pictures and if you happen to spot one, please contact authorities immediately.

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