The only think scarier than a zombie, is a sweaty zombie.

When you think of Halloween, you think of foggy, damp and cold nights where things go bump. Unfortunately the only thing going bump in the night is the thermometer. The Ark-La-Tex is fairly unpredictable on Halloween night, but this year we drew the short straw.

It's hot.

Hotter than the inside of a Jack-O-Lantern. In fact, according to KSLA, the forecast for today will make all hallows' eve the hottest one in 44 years. Yep, nearly five decade. And that makes me chafe just thinking about it. Hopefully you did all of your trick-or-treating over the weekend when the weather was fairly tame.

Our high for today will tie our record high from Halloweens past at 88. Geez, no wonder girl wear next to nothing on this day. The coldest we've seen on Halloween is when the high was 44 back in 1925. Now that's more my temperature range... cold.

So... Happy Halloween. Hope you chocolate doesn't melt.

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