At Kiss Country 93-7, we rarely miss an opportunity to dance and/or act ridiculously!  The latest YouTube phenomenon known as the Harlem Shake has given us the opportunity to do exactly that! 

In the radio business, we sometimes have what we call "CE's"... or  CAREER ENDERS!  This might be one of them, Kudos to "Gary and Julie in the Morning" for NOT being available when we shot this video!

If you're unfamiliar with the latest viral video phenomenon, it's best explained by one of our local news stations.  KSLA reported on the Harlem Shake phenomenon, and even shot their own version of it, that has gone viral itself with over 3 million views on YouTube.

We're not the only ones in Kiss Country making a Harlem Shake video.  Check out the folks at Painting with a Twist.

And how bout these kids outside of the Target in Shreveport.

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