The challenge has been dealt, now I just need your help fulfilling it.

We're coming up on the final weeks of Miracle Challenge. I made the commitment to working out for 27 days and raising money for our local kids through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. On Day 27 we are going all out.

I have been challenged by Adria Goins of KSLA to cycle for 13.1 hours.

Adria also took on Miracle Challenge this month. She and I are both on the bootcamp track, but there are several other tracks including cycling. We have a local kid, Mason, who was selected to be the national cycling kids coach for this month's challenge. He was the perfect choice because he recently learned to ride a bike during his therapy sessions at Kids Clinic. He's eight years old.

It's because of Mason that we want to do this.

So, we'll be strapping into our bikes for a good old fashioned Bike-a-Thon at the KSLA studios on Wednesday, April 27 for 13.1 hours. Mason, Adria and myself will all be equipped with a team to rotate out with, but she and I will be cycling the most.

The goal is to raise as much money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals as possible.

When she and I set out on this Miracle Challenge, we each set a goal of raising $500. We'd each like to raise that and more. So won't you tune into KSLA on Wednesday, April 27 or tune into this radio station to listen to us cycle our hearts out.

If you'd like to be a part of my team and cycle for a portion of the 13.1 hours, you can call me at 318-550-2197.


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