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Today is National Nude Day. Make no mistake, there's a big difference between being 'nude' and 'nekkid!' 'Nude' is when you're in a state of undress, 'nekkid' is being nude and up to something!

Thankfully, I've never been caught 'nekkid,' but I've been caught nude more times than I can count. I'm not proud of it either.

I'll never forget the trip some of my co-workers and I took to Jamaica. We had an absolute blast. Until it came to swimming with the dolphins. Do not wear a bikini to go swimming with dolphins. I repeat, don't wear a bikini. It will come off and you will moon everyone, including your co-workers. And if you're lucky like I was, the moment will be caught on film for everyone to enjoy.

I'll never forget coming back into town a few weeks after I had moved to Cincinnati. I came in to visit my brother and stayed with him in the house we had previously shared. Roadworn and tired, I went to my old room to freshen up and change clothes. As I'm bent double over my suitcase, naked, I hear a GROWL from the closet! I scream bloody murder and everyone comes running. Turns out there was a cute little 5-year-old boy in the closet that belonged to my brother's then-girlfriend. Apparently, I scared the little guy as much as he scared me. But then, everyone didn't get to see him naked, so there's that.

Maybe it's just me, but I get hot when I'm getting ready and I like to put off dressing until the last possible minute. This has been my downfall more than once. I'll never forget when my stepdaughter's girlfriend Haley let her into the house thinking no one was home to pick something up. Except, there was someone home. I was home and I was getting ready for a costumed Mardi Gras event waiting till the last minute to put on my clothes. Yes, Haley found me in full stage makeup (I was hosting), singing at the top of my lungs in bra and panties, fishnet hose, and high heels. It wasn't my finest moment.

Bristol Flapper

And then there was that time I went to my back door to let the dogs out one last time before I left for work. It was after 9 am, so surely all of my neighbors were already at work. Plus, it was the back door, right? That's precisely the moment my neighbor's husband looked up from a phone call while he was roaming his backyard and looked right in my direction... where I was completely naked. He winced in horror and quickly turned around. It happened so fast I thought the poor man got whiplash. That made things a bit awkward for a while...

So, in an effort to console myself and not feel so alone in my exhibitionist ways (NOT) I decided to ask my buddies on social media if they'd ever been caught naked. Yep, they have! And not only have they been caught nude, but they've also been caught 'nekkid!'

Check their hilarious stories here, add your own and make sure to give me a follow!

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