In case you missed the memo, it's National Nude Day! If you're your own boss and work from home I am sure you can participate today. All I can think about is the nudist colonies or should I say the group of people who practice Naturism. Remember when Mathew McConaughey was arrested for playing the bongos while naked? If McConaughey is part of a nudist colony, I just may skip on over and join, but since I highly doubt that, I'll keep this Dolly Parton concert t-shirt on for the day.

Need a list of places within driving distance that you can strip down to your birthday suit along with several of your closest Naturism friends?

In Louisiana:
Indian Hills Family Nudist Park- a campground community of nudist enthusiasts in Slidell, LA
Sandy Bares - in Metairie, LA
Bayou Allure Clothing Optional B&B- is part of Clothing Optional Home Network in Baton Rouge, LA
In Texas:
Barton Springs Pool - is top free, which is tolerated in Austin TX
Hippie Hollow Park- on the shore of Lake Travis northwest of Austin TX

Remember if you choose to send a nude selfie in celebration of today, those pictures stay on that mysterious cloud FOREVER! So, celebrate wisely.

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