clock from ckaiserca on flickr
From ckaiserca on flickr

Daylight Saving Time officially ends this Sunday, November 4th at 2 am.  What's that mean to us other than re-setting every alarm clock, dvr and coffee pot in the house and in the truck?  It means we get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night; that's what it means!  Remember the hour the government took from us back in the spring?  Well, we get it back Saturday night.  We can do whatever we want to with it.  Party another hour, sleep another hour, surf the web or smoke a brisket.  It's our hour and we can whatever we've been needing an extra hour to do.  Just remember, time falls back in the fall.  Saturday night before you go to bed, set your clock BACK ONE HOUR and you'll be good to go Sunday morning.  (No matter how you spent that extra hour)

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