For those who enjoy a few minutes of daylight after a long day's work, the dreaded dark days of winter are fast approaching.

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Daylight Saving Time will officially come to an end at 2:00 am next Sunday, November 6.

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However, if you're anything like me, you might be somewhat confused. Didn't the United States Senate already vote to make Daylight Saving Time permanent and end this madness of the official, twice annual, changing of the clocks?

Well, yes they did. However, just like they wrote at, that really didn't change anything.

It’s true that the U.S. Senate on March 15, by unanimous consent, passed the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021. There was much buzz over the bill at the time, given it would make daylight saving time permanent starting Nov. 5, 2023 — that is, if the House and the president approved it.

It doesn't take a whole lot of gray matter to know that if we're once again planning to run through our homes changing every clock from the ones on the microwave and oven to the new time, then nothing has changed.  In fact, since the passage by the U.S. Senate in March, I'm not sure there has been any discussion of it at all. And we don't have any inclination as to where the President stands on the issue.

So, apparently it's status quo and we're set to make the change again. I do know that here in Louisiana, we have already passed legislation that will end the "clock changing" but that's hinged on the U.S. Government abandoning the antiquated thinking.

Since that hasn't officially happened, next Saturday night, November 5, before you go to bed, set those clocks BACK one hour so that you're not late to Sunday School the next morning.

Oh, and don't forget that blasted clock on the stove. I hate that thing.

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