We're on a quest to find "The Worst Invention of All Time" and it's proving to be a little tougher than initially thought.  I mean, there have been some doozies!  New Coke is right up there near the top.

New Coke

According to Time.com it was introduced April 23, 1985, and succeeded in blind taste tests but flopped in the real world. Phone calls, letters and rants from Coke die-hards flooded in, and just three months after its debut, New Coke was removed, and the word Classic was added to all Coke cans and bottles to assure consumers they were getting their first love.  Another true "bomb" was the "Segway".


When it was released in 2001, it was promised to revolutionize the transportation world.  Really?  Only lazy tourists and mall cops would be caught dead on one.  One of our personal choices as "Loser of the Millennium" was the AMC Pacer.  It looked more like an aquarium on wheels and was guaranteed to suck all the "cool factor" from anyone.

AMC Pacer from Flickr

And there are so many more to choose from. Everything from "Bumpits" to asbestos, agent orange and Farmville.  So what do you think is the "Worst Invention of All Time"???

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