Wife Julie is a dog's best friend.  Hey gang it's Gary and my beautiful bride is constantly bringing home strays and finding proper homes for these wayward mutts.

Several years ago a stray wandered up to our house and she couldn't rest until she'd found him just the right family.  Well, Erin Bristol from 96.5 KVKI let her know that she'd love to open her place to this labrador mix.

And he made himself home in short order.  In fact, he'd been there less than 18 hours when Bristol wandered into the studio to let me know that he'd eaten her couch.  Literally, destroyed the entire couch.

And according to a new survey, that's a little above average for the annual destruction a dog reaks on your belongings, but not by much.

In fact, according to the study's findings, the average dog does $392 worth of damage to stuff around the house every year.  This easily makes them the absolute most destructive pet you can own.

Believe it or not, the second most destructive pet is the common house cat, though the survey didn't provide a dollar figure on their annual destruction.

Now, if you happen to be pet shopping for the kids right now, the pet that causes the least destruction is a guinea pig.

I'm thinking that a gold fish has to be pretty easy on the wallet too.

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