roller blading
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

An old, wise man once told me "If at first you don't succeed...then you might not want to attempt sky diving."  Well, apparently there are a lot of things we try once only to swear we'll never, ever do again.  

The Daily Star just posted the results of a survey done by Ask Jeeves on that very subject. The survey asked people to name things they'd tried once and then given up forever.  The results aren't that surprising, but isn't it odd how we're all dumb enough to ever try these things the first time?

1.  Roller skating or Rollerblading.

2.  Golf.

3.  Karaoke.

4.  Jogging.

5.  Camping.

6.  Standing in a long line for a sale, like on Black Friday.

7.  Sailing.

8.  Going to the gym.

9.  Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

10.  Hitchhiking.

I'm just wondering why Sushi or Escargo didn't make the Top 10?

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