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 In the "New Rude Survey" reported on by Daily Mail, businesses today are actually losing clients due to concentrating on technology. The study also reveals that almost 50 percent of workers admit to being annoyed by constant texting and typing.Additionally, another 38 percent can't stand loud conference calls.  So, if those same things have begun to get your dander up, you're not alone. 

And here's the list of the Top Eight Rudest Ways Your Co-Workers Use Technology In the Office.

1.  Checking emails on your phone during a meeting.  54% of people say they have coworkers who do it, and it drives them crazy.

2.  Checking texts during a business lunch, 49%.

3.  Using all capital letters in an email to make a point, 20%.

4.  Including you on never-ending, pointless email chains, 19%.

5.  Using "text speak" in emails, 18%.

6.  Taking personal cell phone calls in public areas, 18%.

7.  Texting while walking through the office, 17%.

8.  Emailing someone sitting right next to you instead of talking to them, 16%.


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