So ladies, you've found the perfect dress for your night on the town.  You're thinking to yourself that it's showing off your perfect asset(s) but doesn't make you look too trashy.  Any man you see tonight should fall all over himself to ask you to dance.  Guess what!  What he first notices about you isn't what's so artistically hidden below your neckline.  

It's not even the second thing he notices.  So what you've thought about guys for years isn't exactly the truth.  Hey, he does notice what God blessed you with but it's not until he's been attracted to a couple of your other "assets."

Daily Mail just released details of a survey that asked both men and women to name the first thing they notice when they meet someone of the opposite sex.

The survey gives us the feeling that both sexes gave the answers they were supposed to give, but upon deeper prodding respondents finally told the full truth.

The top answer for both men and women was eyes.  The second-most common answer for both was smile.  Both answers truly lean to the "politically correct" end of the scale.

The third-most common answer for both feels like the honest one.  Men said breasts and women said height!

The top 10 things men are most likely to notice first when they meet a woman are:  Eyes, smile, breasts, hair, weight, legs, clothing sense, butt, height, and skin.

The top 10 things women are most likely to notice first when they meet a man are:  Eyes, smile, height, hair, clothing sense, weight, skin, face shape, butt, and nose.

The survey also found 17% of women have walked out of their way to get a better look at an attractive man and one in 10 men have walked into a POLE looking at an attractive woman.

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