Aren't getting enough matches on Match? Not enough bees returning the love on Bumble? We've got the perfect dating profile to get their attention ladies!

As someone new on the dating scene after WAY TOO MANY YEARS, I've decided to give online dating a try. When talking to my other single sisters, we commiserate over it being a feast or famine world out there. Want something to make your profile pop and set you apart from all the girls with duckface selfies? I went to my Facebook friends for help!

Here are a few things to mention that might improve your 'swipe right' quotient in no particular order... actually #15 is really all you need!

1. Loves to clean fish.
2. I can't wait to detail your bass boat.
3. I love it when you spend the weekend at the deer camp, I'll use the time to clean and organize your garage.
4. I make six figures and have great credit, so go ahead, start shopping for a new RV, ATV or bass boat!
5. I love to cook! In fact, I'd like nothing better than to prepare a gourmet spread for you and your friends for the football game, fantasy football draft, etc... 
6. Doing your laundry is the ultimate way to show I care!
7. I love golfing, hunting and fishing, but I don't mind if you want to go with your friends instead of me.
8. I not only know how to bait my own hook, I'll dig for the worms myself while I'm weeding your flower beds!
9. I always dreamed of being a massage therapist and would like nothing better than to practice on you!
10. I've always wanted to star in my own homemade movie!
11. I can drive a truck, trailer or boat and back it wherever you need in my heels and red lipstick!
12. I love running around the house in sexy lingerie!
13. I adore pets and children, especially if they're yours!
14. I understand it's never too early for beer and I'm always happy to get you a fresh one.
15. I love hot, kinky sex anytime, anywhere. (That should have probably been #1)
Have some you want to add to the list? Feel free in the comments section below!

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