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When life has got you down and struggling, don't discount the beauty of human kindness!

Just when you least expect, someone will see your struggle and try to meet your needs. That's what happened in this video I stumbled upon this morning at TikTok. I don't know who this woman is or where she's from, but God love her, she's clearly trying to make things work in her life.

You see, when Darlene's co-workers found out that she had been walking 12 long miles to and from work each day because her car broke down and she couldn't afford to fix it, they got together and decided to do something about it. It took about 100 people, but they were able to gather over $6,000 in a week's time and BOUGHT HER A CAR!

That's pure human kindness! I don't know what battle you're facing, but you're not alone. Now go out, take on the day and turn that frown upside down! I'm cheering for you!

@humankindvideosDarlene's coworkers found out she's been walking 12 miles to work every day. #fyp #foryou #checkyourvibe #sowedecided #love #fedex #happytears #crying♬ original sound - humankindvideos

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