Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event, and it will return this August for the show's 5th anniversary. The event will once again be at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. This year's show will be on August 16th-18th.

This year's Geek'd Con is setting up to be the biggest one ever. Earlier this week Geek'd Con VIP Tickets sold out. They're gone, all purchased over a month before the show.

That means we're likely to see a lot of excited fans coming to the Shreveport Convention Center next month. With a lot of people at the event, that means we're likely to see a lot of cosplayers too! 

This year's cosplayers could be influenced by two things, first the celebrity guest list at Geek'd Con. But also what's popular right now in the geek fandoms. When the two crossover, you might see a lot of that fandom represented.

Here's a short list of what we're expecting to see a lot of this year. This is not a scientific list based on any research, just based on experience. We're also going to make some of them specific characters, and others just themes. So here we go:


With the latest season of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things hitting this week, it's re-ignited that fan base. But not only has it excited all the fans it already created, it's making new fans. With so many characters that fans can latch onto, we're likely to see a lot of Eleven, Dustin, and Hopper cosplays again this year.


This one would probably be higher, but we don't expect to see that many guys in the outfit. But with Lori Petty coming to Shreveport, we expect to see a lot of long time Tank Girl fans bust out their rendition of the classic character.


If Geek'd Con would have been in April, this would have been a solid #1 on this list. After the legendary HBO show wrapped up earlier this year, GoT fever was probably at its highest point ever. The show will always have its fans, and we'll see a lot of them in cosplay this year, thanks in part to Richard Brake coming to town. The Night King from Game of Thrones will be here, and will likely meet plenty of Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Arya Stark cosplayers.


Samantha Smith returns to Shreveport for her second Geek'd Con appearance this year. With her comes the return of the Supernatural cosplay passion. Samantha plays Marry Winchester in the show, but that doesn't mean the Supernatural fans will be limiting themselves to her character. We expect to see plenty of Sam and Deans, Castiel and Crowleys, and maybe even some Jody Mills cosplays.


When LeVar Burton heads out, you have to imagine he expects to see a lot of Star Trek cosplayers. It's one of the biggest franchises in history, and he portrayed one of the most recognizable characters in that franchise ever. Now we kept this at just the "Star Trek" fandom, and not specifically Geordi La Forge, because we do anticipate some Redshirts running around too.


If we included the amount of people we expect to see wearing Dunder Mifflin or Schrute Farms shirts, this would be #1 without a doubt. With Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery both coming to Geek'd Con, we totally expect some Oscar and Meredith cosplays. But we're also expecting a bunch of Dwight, Michael, Angela, Kevin (with a big pot), people with BOOK written on their faces, and "three hole punch" cosplayers.

#2 - YONDU 

With Michael Rooker coming to Geek'd Con, you should really expect a lot of blue people running around. Since Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014, Yondu has become a big Halloween season option for both kids and adults. Then when Guardians 2 was released, and Yondu became more of a "good guy" (and Marry Poppins) his stock in the cosplay world jumped again. The access to Yondu costumes through Halloween stores, and simplicity of basic Yondu cosplays makes this option very accessible, and that's why we expect to see a lot.


There will be a ton of Dragon Ball cosplay this year, and we're pretty freaking excited about it. We can't limit it to just one character, because we have SEVEN Dragon Ball voice actors coming. Some of these guests, like Kara Edwards and Sonny Strait, represent multiple fan-favorite characters. We'll see Krillin, Goten, Videl, Bulma, and a ton more. Even characters who's voices aren't represented at the show will appear. There will be SO MANY Dragon Ball cosplays, it HAS to be #1 on this list.

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