Texas is obviously tops in a great number of things.  Cowboys, BBQ, Dr. Pepper, anything big and pretty soon - people.  Right now, the number one state when it comes to population is that weird chunk of land on the Pacific coast - California.  Currently, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services predictions put the Lone Star State at a population of close to 30 million by next year.

If the Texas population continues to grow at the current rate, experts say that it will surpass the current population champion.  About 4 years ago, California experienced a massive drop in projected population which caused them to recalculate all of their people-counting numbers.  That recalculation shows that the Golden State will reach a population of 50 million by the year 2054.  Texas is projected to hit a whopping 54 million proud Texans by the year 2050.  Texas is set to surpass California in total population by the year 2045.  What I'm saying is: This might be a good time to invest in brisket futures.

FYI, Texas and California together will account for one quarter of the entire U.S. population by the year 2050.

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