We have a serious issue in the Ark-La-Tex, we are not spaying and neutering our pets. This causes a horrid case of dumped pets all over our towns and county roads. My heart sinks every time I drive past a dog or cat that got hit trying to cross the road. Could I have gotten there sooner and saved this helpless baby? I hate being haunted by a deceased pet on the side of the road, so I will continue to pull over.

Over the weekend my friend was driving home and he saw three black puppies on the side of the road. He pulled over and realized one puppy had been hit by a car and another puppy bolted as soon as he saw the truck. One timid little puppy walked up to him. That's' when my friend's heart sank, this black puppy was so emaciated she was the definition of skin and bones.

Luckily for this sweet puppy, my friend Lane loaded her up in his truck and took her home. After he got the pup home he fed her small amounts of food every two hours so she wouldn't get sick. The next big problem, what now? Where does one take a dumped dog?

The pounds are full and are being forced to euthanize most animals that come through. Unfortunately, this happens every summer in the South. We reached out to several dog rescues and they are so full they begged us to find another way to get this puppy some help. So we took to Facebook. After multiple helpful dog lovers shared the post and commented on her picture the post gained traction.

Finally, the right family scrolling through Facebook saw her picture and knew that this puppy was meant for them. They had rescued a puppy in similar shape to this one a year ago and they know how much time and loving care this one will need.

If you can't foster or adopt a dog, please hit that share button. You could be saving a life. That's exactly what happened this weekend. Several folks hit a share button that ultimately led this emaciated puppy to her forever home.

To the person who stops when they see an animal in distress, to the person who always shares a post hoping to find help, thank you. You are my reminder that even though we may be told the world is going to hell in a handbasket, there are still good folks out there. Thank you to all who shared and helped get this puppy home!

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