In Louisiana, we love our music and we love our outdoors so when we get to combine the two it's the best of both worlds. Music festivals bring out the best and the not so best in people. The website recently did a story on the 10 things you'll see at a country music festival. We believe they left a few folks off.

  • Daniel Duane via YouTube
    Daniel Duane via YouTube

    Fanny Pack Fellow

    This is the guy who might look a lot out of place. He is wearing his leather sandals with his dark socks and one of those high-end sportswear company's Gilligan's Island hats. His fanny pack is made of leather. It's usually black and in addition to his organic beeswax sunblock for his lips,he also has some Wheat Thins and a disposable camera.

  • Compilation King via YouTube
    Compilation King via YouTube

    Dancing Alone Lady

    Since most outdoor music festivals have an adult beverage booth or twenty the opportunity to have a little too much to drink is always present. On a normal day, this lady is a self-respecting PTA member or notary public. Today she is lost in the music and dancing to a song that only Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, and Coors Light can here.

  • funnymomentsoflife via YouTube
    funnymomentsoflife via YouTube

    Over Protective Parent

    We are all about taking care of the kids at all time but you could give them a few feet of freedom, especially if you have a blanket and some chairs. The OPP (Over Protective Parent) is the one that has State Police on speed dial just in case another person violate the "green zone" perimeter they have set up around the family homestead. This person would be better off at home locked in a safe room watching reruns of Dr. Phil.

  • Aj ElChaar via YouTube
    Aj ElChaar via YouTube

    Oops Wrong Festival Guy

    This is the guy that shows up in black leather pants, a leather shirt, and full-length black leather duster to a mid-summer concert. His fashion sense suggests he would be more at home in a bizarre livestock ritual than at a concert featuring Wayne Toups. Despite his unusual appearance, he is usually a nice guy. However, other festival attendees will give him space because after a few hours in the hot sun that leather outfit will create an air of barnyard aroma.

  • Plurbaby Plur via YouTube
    Plurbaby Plur via YouTube

    Get A Room Couple

    These people take public displays of affection to the next level. They are constantly touching, holding, slow dancing, and soul kissing and that's just to the sponsor's announcements from on stage. When the music cranks up you better cover your eyes because you're about to see something so strange that even Animal Planet can't explain it. If a private room or cabana isn't available for these amorous individuals then maybe a strong water hose should be used to separate them.

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