There has long been a sentiment across the United States that Christopher Columbus was not a nice guy.  That's hard for me to grasp.  I grew up learning that Mr. C brought civilization to the untamed peoples of the new world, and opened it all up for colonization.  In a very direct way, this guy is responsible for America!

Lately, groups have been standing up against the discoverer for atrocities they claim were perpetrated against the native peoples of the this great nation.  WFAA reports that the Austin is the latest major U.S. City to recognize the 2nd Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day and not Columbus Day.

Austin is a bit different to say the least, and unique in Texas to be more exact - but it's not the only city changing their views on the Father of the New World.  Los Angeles decided to make the switch earlier this year, following Seattle, Albuquerque and Denver's lead in dropping the maligned discoverer's celebration in favor of honoring the indigenous population.

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